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Here are some of the most often viewed articles on Project MUSE from last year. Listed starting with the most often downloaded.


10, 2   Infection, Media, and Capitalism: From Early Modern Plagues to Postmodern Zombies, Stephanie Boluk

13, 1   Witchcraft and Sexual Knowledge in Early Modern England, Julia M. Garrett

12, 2   In and Out of the Bed-chamber: Staging Libertine Desire in Restoration Comedy, Jeremy W. Webster

11, 1   Re-reading Rape in The Changeling, Frances E. Dolan

13, 1   The Witch-Family in Elizabethan and Jacobean Print Culture, Deborah Willis

11, 1   Inventing Whiteness: Cosmetics, Race, and Women in Early Modern England, Kimberly Poitevin

10, 2   Of Mice and Moisture: Rats, Witches, Miasma, and Early Modern Theories of Contagion, Lucinda Cole

8, 1   Aemilia Lanyer's Pathetic Phallacy, Amy Greenstadt

13, 1   Picturing Race: Early Modern Constructions of Racial Identity, Peter Erickson

7, 1   Honeyed Toads: Sinister Aesthetics in Shakespeare's Richard III, Joel Elliot Slotkin

12, 1   Defining Early Modern Pornography: The Case of Venus and Adonis, Chantelle Thauvette

9, 1   Illicit Privacy and Outdoor Spaces in Early Modern England, Mary Thomas Crane

12, 2   Nature, Desire, and the Law: On Libertinism and Early Modern Legal Theory, Klaas Tindemans

6, 2   The Tempest Revisited in Martinique: Aime Cesaire's Shakespeare, Joseph Khoury

9, 1   Invisibility Speaks: Servants and Portraits in Early Modern Visual Culture, Peter Erickson

12, 4   Clowns on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: Dickens, Coulrophobia, and the Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, Andrew McConnell Stott

13, 1   Irish Mantles, English Nationalism: Apparel and National Identity in Early Modern English and Irish Texts, John R. Ziegler

13, 3   Utopia and Its New Enemies: Intellectuals, Elitism, and the Commonwealth of Learning, Crystal Bartolovich

13, 3   Francis Bacon's Common Notion, Henry S. Turner

12, 3   Of Islands and Bridges: Figures of Uneven Development in Bacon's New Atlantis, Sarah Hogan

12, 3   Embracing the "Mongrel": John Marston's The Malcontent, Antonio and Mellida, and the Development of English Early Modern Tragicomedy, Nathaniel C. Leonard

8, 1   Rich Like a Lady: Cross-Class Dressing in the Brothels and Theaters of Early Modern London, Cristine M. Varholy

12, 1   Feminisms, Past and Future, Melissa E. Sanchez

11, 2   Montagu's Letters from the Levant: Contesting the Borders of European Selfhood, Denys Van Renen

5, 2   Early Modern European Travel Writing After Orientalism, M. G. Aune